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Come join us and enjoy a summer of great camping. Our club officers are listed with telephone numbers or e-mails. Call or e-mail one of us for an application or download an application from the menu.

Only one requirement, you must be an active International Good Sam Recreational Club member to join our group. Click on the site below (International Good Sam), check them out and below that is a connection for our (Maine State Chapter), these are the folks that put the Maine Campers Samboree together. That organization is made up  of the presidents of all the local chapters plus a few extra elected people that serve on the board.

Look at our membership list, maybe you know some of the good folks that camp with us.

Look at the camping schedule that our Wagon Master’s have planned for the summer. Each camp sites will be confirmed for our group. You must call and make your own reservations, make them early and camp in the group. 

Click here to go to International Good Sam

Click here to go to Maine Good Sam